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What is ISSA?

The international Seafood Sustainability Association (ISSA) is a trade association whose members are tuna processors, traders and/or marketers that, by virtue of their ISSA membership, commit to conform to the conservation measures implemented by the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF).

Why were ISSA and ISSF created?

ISSA was formed by tuna processors, traders and/or marketers to ensure the long-term health of the global tuna industry. ISSF, which is a non-profit organization, was formed to leverage science-based approaches to ensure effective management practices are in place to promote the long-term sustainability of global tuna stocks and their ecosystem.

Who are the members of ISSA?

For a complete list of member companies, please visit our Participating Companies page.

Who leads ISSA?

ISSA is led by its Board of Directors, whose representatives are elected by the member companies.

Who is eligible to join ISSA?

Membership is open to all tuna processors, traders and/or marketers, defined as primarily purchasers of raw tuna for processing or purchasers of raw tuna or finished tuna products for resale.

What are the benefits of membership?

Becoming a part of ISSA means a commitment to promote the long-term health of the global tuna industry. Review the advantages of ISSA membership.

Why is there an application fee AND an annual membership fee?

 The application covers costs associated with reviewing and analyzing a new member’s application, including completion of a traceability audit, orientation meetings, required legal support and staff time. Annual membership covers each company’s annual compliance audit, and also funds association initiatives, advocacy efforts, meetings and staff.

How are dues calculated?

Dues are calculated based on a company’s annual tuna revenue, as well as category of membership (Full or Associate). For further information, please contact Lynne Mandel, Manager of Operations and Company Services.

Why is there a 60-day waiting period for new Associate Members?

One of the criteria for Associate Membership is the requirement that the company demonstrate compliance with ISSF conservation measures for a six-month period before membership is formalized.

When can we announce our membership?

A formal announcement of membership will be made after the application process is complete and all required fees are paid. Please see the Application Process & Timeline page to learn more.

What meetings do members attend? How often does the group meet?

Companies with Full membership are invited to twice yearly board meetings, as well as the annual ISSA Members Meeting, which is held in conjunction with a board meeting. Companies with Associate membership are invited to attend the annual ISSA Members Meeting.

In addition, until Associate companies meet the minimum requirement of 10 companies to obtain a Board seat, they may collectively nominate one representative to attend ISSA and ISSF Board meetings as an observer.

May companies include ISSF information on their Websites, product labels or promotional materials?

Participating companies are able to utilize ISSF-approved content on their Websites and in promotional materials. Since ISSF is not an eco-label, companies cannot mention ISSF on their packaging. However, members are able to use the URL on packaging. For more information, please contact Mary Sestric.

Whom do I contact with additional questions?

All general questions can be directed to Lynne Mandel.