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Membership Levels & Benefits

Tuna processors, traders and/or marketers may join ISSA as Full Members or as Associate Members. Each membership level has distinct advantages and benefits.

All Full and Associate companies are annually audited against in-force ISSF resolutions and conservation measures.Audit results, for individual participating companies and in aggregate, are published each year on the ISSF website.

Full membership is open to all global tuna processors, traders and/or marketers that wish to support ISSF initiatives and comply with ISSF conservation measures.

Full members are entitled to all offered ISSF benefits. Review membership benefits in the table below, and download full membership and associate membership forms.

ISSA participating companies must sign an antitrust policy adherence document: see the full member and associate member documents.


FULL Membership

ASSOCIATE Membership


Opportunity to be recognized as an ISSA-compliant company through an independent review confirming compliance with all ISSF conservation measures & commitments

Recognition on the ISSF & ISSA Websites

Ability to use on packaging & promotional materials


One vote as an ISSA Member on all items formally presented for approval, giving your company a voice on policy, initiatives & areas of focus

Opportunity to run for an ISSA Board seat & vote for ISSA Board representation, as well as the ability to be elected to the Executive Committee of the Board

Opportunity for one voting Board membership will be granted to Associate Members once 10 such members have successfully joined ISSA

Ability to designate a second company representative as an Implementation Team member


ISSA Member meeting held each year

All ISSA Board meetings


Access to ISSF staff for science, advocacy & communications assistance

Participation in ISSF informational Webinars, as well as insight into ISSF programs & initiatives

Access to additional benefits not available to non-members, some of which may require additional expenses. Examples include sales force training and access to ISSF science, advocacy & communications assistance

Active participation in ISSF advocacy & outreach efforts, including access to support materials

Weekly eNewsletter for distribution to unlimited company personnel

Monthly internal updates from ISSF


Eligibility is open to processors & traders in the tuna industry, defined as primarily purchasers of raw tuna for processing or purchasers of raw tuna or finished tuna products for resale

All eligible processors & traders

A company & its majority-owned subsidiaries must generate less than US$50 million in tuna revenue on an annual basis

Application Fee

US $50,000 (non-refundable)

US $25,000 (non-refundable)

Annual Dues

US $110,250-$661,500 (calculated based on tuna revenue)

US $27,562.50


Full Member Application

Associate Member Application